The Catalan Garden

Le Jardin Catalan is a wine cellar located in Saint-Cyprien, in the South, near Perpignan, at 2 rue Henri Becquerel. You will find a large selection of wines and qualified staff who will welcome you with kindness and sympathy. You will find in this shop many regional products that will bring a good taste of sunshine, with regional and varied wines, which will appeal to amateurs and regulars alike.

In addition to the many high-end regional wines offered by the Catalan Garden, there is also a delicatessen where you will find all the sweet and savory products you want to accompany your wine. You will also find L'Épicurien products that go perfectly with wine, especially for aperitifs.

Finally, a team of professionals will welcome you in a good mood to help you and give you all the necessary information about their wines and excellent products.

So if you pass by, take a trip to the Catalan Garden which will offer you quality products from the South so that you can have a good time with your loved ones.


The Catalan Garden 2 rue Henri Becquerel 66750 Saint-Cyprien

Phone: 04 68 21 36 64

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