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What delivery times and costs?

From the moment your order is confirmed, we will prepare it as soon as possible. Count 7 working days maximum to receive it.

The delivery costs are fixed, for an order less than 59€ of purchase, at:

  • 8€ for home delivery
  • €6.75 for delivery to a relay point

For an order over €59, home shipping costs are offered.

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Can I order from abroad and overseas?

Due to health restrictions for the shipment of food products abroad, we do not allow the shipment of products outside metropolitan France + Corsica.

For any specific request from abroad or overseas, you can contact Noémie at , she will be happy to answer your request.

How will my order be packaged?

In the interest of sustainable development, small orders are made without plastic. All our pots are shipped protected by a unit packaging in recycled brown paper. The assembly is held together in the shipping carton by organic, compostable and water-soluble cornstarch particles.

For large orders, we film the packages to ensure that your order arrives in good condition.

The attention we pay to the dispatch of your order is now recognized by our customers.

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Where can I find The Epicurean?

If they are available on our website, our products are also present in physical points of sale. Delicatessens, cheese dairies, butchers, department stores... You will be advised and will have the privilege of culinary advice, personalized gift ideas... Do not hesitate to push their doors, they are great relays of our know-how! You can find them in our “Where to find us” section. Remember to call the retailer you want to visit to be sure that he has the reference(s) you are interested in!

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The Epicurean shows what he has in his stomach

When we take pleasure in eating, something happens deep inside us, it's a moment when we are only ourselves. The taste buds are awakened, titillated... Experience the joy that eating can bring, unleash the epicurean within you!

When you buy L'Épicurien, it's an opportunity for you or your loved ones to say: "take the time, and (re)discover the pleasure that eating well brings!" »

What if we told you, step by step, about the design of our recipes, in complete transparency, and without taboos?

What raw materials?

First of all, we look for the best raw materials, ripe to perfection. The world is a garden, let's go find the best it has to offer us! We've always done it that way. That's why we have such a tasty Alfonso mangel jam that comes straight from India. A Cream of Beldi Candied Lemons from Egypt, where they are so famous. But that is also why we have always worked with sweet onions from the Cévennes or figs from Provence. This constant quest for Taste has sometimes taken us to the other side of the world and closer to our land. She pushed us to create new recipes every year and to vary the fruits and vegetables used. We are recognized today for this quality and this depth of range, and we are very proud of it!

But today, the quest for Meaning meets the quest for Taste, and we ask ourselves: is the recipe still as excellent if we know that the fruit or vegetable we use comes from the other side of the world? , with all the ecological impact that this represents?

It is following this questioning that we have started a process of "sourcing" our raw materials closer and closer to home to limit the number of kilometers traveled and the environmental impact of our manufacturing. So that we can still say tomorrow that “the world is a garden”. And to have good recipes for both our taste buds and our conscience! This process is underway, it is an important work that requires time and investment. We also need to find the right raw materials so that you always have the assurance of giving (you) a gift.

In this quest for Taste, we recommend a process that preserves all the benefits of fruits and vegetables: they are frozen immediately after being picked and prepared. Why that ? Well… Have you ever tried to make an apricot jam or an apple pie? You have not finished pitting or peeling that the fruits oxidize! It is to preserve our raw materials, to ensure that you find them in the mouth "as if they had just been picked" that we trust in this process. All our know-how then lies in their slow defrosting at an appropriate temperature to preserve the fibres. Check for yourself that their quality is not altered at all: the colors and textures present in our recipes guarantee this, as does their taste!

The use of high quality whole fruit is a real differentiator from the jam industry which uses fruit purees. We then choose sometimes to keep them whole before cooking, or to chop, refine or cut them. The same goes for our vegetables, and this gives the textures that characterize us so much.

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What recipes?

Developing the recipe is a key step and it is constantly evolving. Each recipe is subject to change following each harvest.

Indeed, if the soil is dry, the fruit may be a little more bitter and less sweet than the previous year. If it has rained a lot one year, a vegetable can yield a lot more water than usual. It is then up to us to counterbalance these hazards without changing the balance of the recipe.

It is both the richness and the complexity of our profession which uses natural ingredients dependent on the weather. It is a work of meticulous dosage and balance that makes all the richness of our artisanal know-how. The important thing is that after these adjustments due to the changing quality of the raw material over the years, we obtain an equal product quality and taste that meets your expectations!

If, despite all our efforts, you are disappointed, or if, on the contrary, you wish to congratulate us, write to us!

What cooking ?

We use the most artisanal cooking technique known to date: the open basin. Well known to our grandmothers, it alone is capable of sublimating cooking thanks to the natural evaporation of the water contained in the raw materials. We have adapted this method of cooking by using a double-shell cauldron in which water vapor circulates. Without direct flame, this technique allows us to preserve the brilliance of the colors. The rise in temperature and the cooking times vary according to each recipe. It's easy to understand the complexity of cooking so many recipes... But it's this challenge that gets us up in the morning, and this passion for taste that we want to pass on to you!

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How much sugar?

We make “extra jams”, that is to say they contain at least 45g of fruit per 100g of finished product (vs 35g for simple jams). This corresponds to a total sugar content called brix, greater than or equal to 55. Below this number, the recipe cannot benefit from the designation “jam”; it will then simply be a "fruit-based preparation", a fruit compote or puree. At L'Épicurien, we therefore make extra jams with a high percentage of fruit between 55g and 75g per 100g of finished product. This is to ensure impeccable quality, a real taste of fruit, while retaining the "jam" designation. We use cane sugar to preserve the fruit in our jams.

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What pectin?

To obtain a more or less gelled texture, we use a pectin from apple or lemon. We play on the lemon content to stabilize the product. The pectins and stabilizers used are natural.

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What guarantee of quality?

In a process of continuous improvement and team involvement, L'Épicurien has been certified FSSC22000, "food safety system certification", since the fall of 2018. It is a health safety standard that guarantees food safety and the quality of our manufacturing process. Impeccable cleanliness of course, traceability, monitoring of processes and impeccable logistics and after-sales service... This is the guarantee not only of a good product, but also of production according to the strictest requirements. We are still very few on the market to be able to guarantee you this! And it is all the more important to take into account since the health disaster that the world has been experiencing since the spring of 2020...

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