Modern break, creative box

Sandrine is the founder of the monthly box Pause Moderne, dedicated to women.

Hello Sandrine,

Can you introduce yourself to the epicureans?

Hello, my name is Sandrine, I am the founder of Pause Moderne, a creative and gourmet box concept for women who want to take time for themselves.

I had the idea to create this box around creative hobbies in 2018. I didn't have enough time for myself, or at least I didn't take the time to give it to myself. I'm a big fan of creative hobbies, so I thought about the problem of lack of time, I dug and presto! The idea was under my nose, what better than Do It Yourself to take your mind off things?

So I imagined a box that I could send each month to subscribers so that they could change their minds and above all have an excuse to take time for themselves!

Tell us more about your innovative box concept:
Every month, I think about a new box that will amaze Impatients on a very specific theme such as ecology, the female body, or organization for example!

For each box, I imagine a kit for creative hobbies related to the theme, such as sewing, leather goods, or do it yourself in general. In the kit we find everything you need to make an everyday object or a decoration to embellish your home without having to buy anything extra to make your creation.

In each box we have the pleasure of finding a gourmet break , with a drink such as an infusion or a tea. It is of course always accompanied by a sweetness to eat like the Clementine jam with flavors of gingerbread from L'Épicurien in the box last Christmas.

Each month, a personal development booklet is present in the box to clear your mind and move forward on a very specific theme.
And finally: a nice surprise!

Your vision of life?

My vision ? She is that life is simply beautiful! I learned to marvel at nothing, I try to see the positive everywhere.
I make sure to see the beauty in a situation that may seem sad or unhappy to us, I have learned over the years to draw a positive lesson from it above all!
I always start my days telling myself that she's going to be beautiful, starting from this premise, believe me… She will be!

Gluttony always takes a small place in your boxes. What does being an epicurean mean to you?

To be epicurean is for me to seek happiness where it is and not to wait for it in vain. With Pause Moderne, I like to offer this moment of happiness to customers who want more!

Each delicacy in the boxes is a little extra happiness that is always a pleasure.

What's your favorite flavor? Why and in which dish(es)?

So without hesitation the one that was in one of the Pause Moderne boxes as a delicacy, the “Gingerbread Clementine” jam, a marvel!

I add it regularly when I make my banana bread recipe, this jam goes wonderfully well with bananas!

You can also add a thin layer when serving, you tell me the news!

Want to share something else with us before leaving?
I would like to share with you a mini tutorial to make a Bee Wrap, it's a piece of wax-coated fabric that replaces cellophane in our kitchens for one step closer to Zero waste.

Start by preheating your oven to 80-100° maximum.
On a baking sheet, place a sheet of parchment paper and place your piece of fabric at least 40 by 40 cm on it.
Distribute evenly nuggets of beeswax on the fabric without forgetting the angles.
Place your plate in the oven for about five minutes, the time that the wax melts completely.
Then take out your Bee Wrap and lay it out to cool.

And that's it, nothing could be simpler!

#let's savor together