Jasmine flowers

Discreet and delicate, this Jasmine jam speaks only to initiates. Will you be part of it?

In a custard, whipped cream, on a panna cotta, a cheesecake, to sweeten a herbal tea or in a tomato pie...


  • Cane sugar (EU and non-EU origin), water, concentrated lemon juice, gelling agents (fruit pectin, calcium citrate), natural jasmine flavor, jasmine flowers 0.12%.
  • Energy: 1041kJ / 245kcal; Fat: <0.5g, of which fatty acids: <0.1g; Carbohydrates: 61g, of which sugars: 61g; Protein: <0.5g; Salt: 0.04g
  • Click here to see the flower cheesecake recipe

natural ingredients


Hérault (France)

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