Cheese corner

Coin fromages is a cheese dairy and delicatessen located in Bagneux-Saumur at 66 rue du Pont Fouchard. The place is very pleasant, with a large choice of quality products, and a friendly and smiling staff. What more ?

Le Coin Fromages is first and foremost a cheese dairy. You will find a wide variety of cheese, French or other countries, of excellent quality. The staff will be able to introduce new flavors to cheese professionals but also advise amateurs so that they can find a cheese to their taste. In short, there is something for everyone!

But these wonderful cheeses are not going to be eaten alone! This is why Coin Fromages also has a delicatessen with a multitude of products that will perfectly accompany your favorite cheeses. Find in particular creams, confits, spreads, sauces, tapenades... And in all this, there are many products from L'Épicurien! And as with the cheeses, the staff will guide you on which accompaniment goes best with your cheese.

In addition, find personalized cheese platters. They will be perfect to prepare you for an event, an important dinner or simply to offer it as a gift to a loved one. So don't hesitate to treat yourself and your friends!

In short, everything is present so that you can treat yourself to good cheeses. So what are you waiting for? Go to Bagneux-Saumur as soon as possible to prepare a successful cheese tasting!


Address: 66 Rue du Pont Fouchard, 49400 Saumur

Phone: 02 41 38 29 11

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