Cafés de ThéOphraste

Les Cafés de ThéOphraste is located in Loudun 86200 at 51 rue Porte de Chinon, in the city center.

The managers of the café took over this artisanal roasting which has existed since 1989, in 2008. Since then, they have made it grow! They have developed their ranges of coffees, to make you discover great vintages, beautiful origins, and all their coffees have a story!

But Les Cafés de ThéOphraste is not just a café! You can actually enjoy a delicious coffee with friends around a table. But then, do not hesitate to go to the delicatessen to find varied regional products of high quality.

In the sweet and savory delicatessen of Cafés de ThéOphrate, you will be offered a very wide choice of coffees, roasted daily by them, a selection of teas in bulk or in sachets, chocolate, dessert preparations, pasta , rice, sauces…

So come to this wonderful café, you will find a wide variety of quality products and a warm welcome to fill you with happiness.

Contact :

PHONE: 05 49 98 58 68

ADDRESS: 51, rue Porte de Chinon - 86200 LOUDUN

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