Grocery on Cours in Lyon

Fabrice is the manager of Épicerie sur Cours. Fine gourmet, he has been our partner for many years.

Hello Fabrice,

Can you introduce yourself to the epicureans?

I grew up in the countryside in a farming family and worked in the luxury hotel industry. I have always given great importance to food and love to cook. The choice to create the concept of L'Épicerie sur Cours arrived 13 years ago. I found a place in the heart of the Lyon district of Montchat with a small garden and that was the trigger to offer quality products for sale. I can also have them tasted on site in this warm place open to nature in the heart of the city.

Grocery on course

Tell us about your customers... Why do they push the door of your delicatessen? What are his timeless favourites?

Our clientele is mainly local since we offer delicatessen products but also fresh products (charcuterie, cheese, antipasti, pasta, etc.). We also benefit from a wider reputation because we offer more exclusive houses and specialties that bring us customers from afar! Finally, the making of personalized gourmet baskets also opens the doors to the business world.

Grocery on course

What about L'Épicurien products in all this? What place do they have in your shop? Are they subject to recurring purchases?

L'Épicurien products have had a place of choice in our shop for many years because we have forged very strong relationships. The quality is of course there. The wide choice and the frequency of new products make it a range that is always very popular with our customers. Vegetable spreads for the aperitif are breaking sales records, L'Épicurien had long sensed the importance of vegetables...

Grocery on course

What does being an epicurean mean to you?

Being an epicurean means knowing how to listen to your heart, take time for your friends and share warm moments around a table with good things... from L'Épicurien!

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