Baguette by bicycle in Lyon

Caroline and Déborah have developed a concept that places them as breakfast experts. We interviewed them to tell us about their experience on this key moment of the day that particularly interests us!

Hello Caroline and Deborah,

Can you introduce yourself to the epicureans?

Hello everyone,

We are big fans of breakfast and we particularly appreciate the quality pastries coming out of the oven from the local baker. We decided to launch the concept of "Baguette à Bicyclette" without really knowing if it would appeal to the people of Lyon: it's about delivering homemade breakfasts to their homes (by bike!). We started by offering a few breads and pastries to see if there was demand on the market. And it rained!

The company has existed since February 2018. Our premises are located in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. This allows us to prepare our customers' orders and we also have offices upstairs for our team.

Tell us more about your innovative concept:

Baguette à vélo is the promise of having a good artisan breakfast delivered, mostly produced by producers in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. They were chosen for the quality of their product, of course! All delivered at the foot of his bed or directly to his desk and in a 100% ecological way.

We can now position you as breakfast experts! Can you tell us more about the habits you see among the Lyonnais?

For more than 2 years of activity now, we have noticed consumption habits among Lyon's gourmets. Indeed, the trend is clearly to consume better and locally. The health crisis has only confirmed this state of mind. Then concerning the pastries, it appears that the pink praline brioche is obviously a great success with our customers. On the bread side, the classic traditional baguette is a must have for breakfast. Compared to other products such as jams, spreads or fruit juices, it depends on individual tastes, some prefer safe bets such as strawberry jams and orange juice while others are more tempted by pear-chocolate jams and grapefruit juice, for example. We had a request for brunches. It exists in many forms (sweet, savory, etc.). Because of our activity, we wanted to offer a relatively simple formula but we realized that it was difficult to please everyone.

With such an activity, you are bound to be greedy! What does being an epicurean mean to you?

In our opinion, being an epicurean is above all knowing how to have fun with the simple things in life. It's about enjoying a good time with family or friends over a good meal and, if it's breakfast, with artisanal and local products, it's even better ;)

Being an epicurean also means discovering new products (not necessarily organic) whose traceability we know, getting out of our comfort zone... For example, we work with a cheese maker whose production is carried out on the Nantes region, however we collect its cheeses in its shop (located in the Paul Bocuse halls) by focusing on the quality of the raw materials used and the know-how of the producer. At Baguette à Bicyclette, we have always favored local products, but we have an open mind about selecting the best products, whether from Lyon or elsewhere.

Want to share something else with us before leaving?

Baguette à Bicyclette is the Lyon breakfast start-up par excellence. We fight every day to improve our services, to offer new products, always keeping in mind to highlight the know-how of our bakers and pastry chefs. The current health crisis has obviously had a strong impact on us like many companies, but we will bounce back in September thanks to a new and larger team, an evolution of our service, always keeping a smile and the motivation of our beginnings to always satisfy more demanding foodies.

#let's savor together