Trait'Tendance in Paris

Sophie is our epicurean of the moment. She represents the gourmet caterer and event agency Trait'Tendance, located in Issy-les-Moulineaux (92). She agreed to answer our interview, and we thank her very much!

Hello Sophie,

Can you introduce yourself to the epicureans?

Hello Epicurean! I have been working for 6 years now at Trait'Tendance. This is my second experience since I performed two different functions there at different times. From 2013 to 2017, at the heart of action and supplier relations. Then since the spring of 2019, I have held the position of marketing and communication manager. A perfect opportunity for me to highlight the work of our teams and that of our talented suppliers!

Can you tell us more about your customers' expectations?

Trait'Tendance has a somewhat hybrid concept since it links the know-how of a gourmet caterer to the organizational skills of an event agency.

This dual competence, supported by a professional and multidisciplinary team, also doubles our customers' expectations of us, which is completely normal! As the architect of their event, we accompany them from A to Z in the realization of their projects. Venue research, culinary design, floral decoration or technical services, we are surrounded by more than 250 event experts to ensure our customers a completely tailor-made reception.

How do you integrate L'Épicurien products into your services?

We have been partners of L'Épicurien for many years and have pleasure in offering their creations through our sweet and savory culinary events: cutting of 36-month-old Puro Bellota Ham accompanied by Pepper Chutney with Espelette Pepper , Antipasti with Two Tomatoes and Black Tapenade Dried Tomato Basilic L'Épicurien, buffet of cheeses from cheesemaker Jean-Yves Bordier accompanied by an assortment of jams, pancakes decorated with Tonka Bean Dark Chocolate spread.

What does being an epicurean mean to you?

In my imagination, being an epicurean is a simple pleasure, focused on gastronomy… biting into a strawberry out of sight, dipping your finger in a pan of chocolate or breathing in the aromas of a festive meal emanating from the kitchen. .. In my opinion, being an epicurean means telling yourself that happiness is within reach!

Want to share something else with us before leaving?

Yes ! I'm not hiding from you that this event break [note: Covid crisis of spring 2020] did not get the better of our passion or our overflowing energy! Sharing, we are waiting for that! Cocktails, gala dinner, seminars... we are ready to resume our activity as soon as the start of the school year begins!

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