Tea & Coffee-in

Their passion for exceptional products has always been and will remain their driving force. For them, every product counts and they do everything to make your experience as pleasant as possible. See for yourself in Bourges at 7 place Gordaine!

Artisanal roasting:

Thé & Café-in do their own artisanal roasting in order to obtain a coffee of very high quality and rich in flavors. You will therefore find a multitude of coffees from all over the world that rank among the elite of coffees!

What is roasting?

Roasting is the art of cooking coffee beans, which initially have almost no flavor, in order to develop their aromas. The degree of bean color will depend on the roast style chosen. It is a complex process that requires real know-how: for the same coffee, a mastered roasting will reveal all the aromatic complexity of the beans where a poorly carried out roasting will simply spoil their potential.

Sale of teas

But beyond the coffee, you guessed it from the name of the shop, you will also find tea. Tea from all over the world, of all types (black, green, flavored…), and of truly remarkable quality.

 World whiskeys and rums

But that's not all ! Also find fabulous spirits including whiskeys and rums from around the world. Be careful, we are talking here about high-end alcohol that will make you travel through your tasting!


In addition, to accompany their noble products, the shop has a delicatessen with, in particular, L'Épicurien products! The sellers will gladly advise you on the products to buy to accompany your coffee, your tea, or your alcohol.

Gift boxes and Accessories

Finally, the shop offers gift boxes so that you can easily please your loved ones! On top of that, there are plenty of coffee and tea machines and accessories! Everything is there for your pleasure and that of your friends!

Contact :

Address: 7 place Gordaine, 18000 Bourges

Telephone: 02 48 68 58 72

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