Aubergine caviar

You prepare it well yourself, eggplant caviar. By roasting the aubergines in the oven with a little garlic, then hollowing out the flesh with a teaspoon. With a drizzle of olive oil, sesame cream, a dash of lemon. Only here, even if you anticipate a lot, there are times when it is easier to let things go. Our spread will delight you. And it has a very special flavor, a little taste of "come back to it".

As an aperitif, on grilled toast or to accompany a basket of raw vegetables. In composition of an eggplant caviar bread...


  • Eggplant 56% (EU origin), sunflower oil, onions, SESAME cream, garlic, concentrated lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt, spices, antioxidant: rosemary extract.
  • Energy: 1346kJ / 326kcal; Fat: 32g, of which fatty acids: 3.8g; Carbohydrates: 5.3g, of which sugars: 4.1g; Protein: 4.1g; Salt: 1.3g
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Hérault (France)

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