Clementine Corsica

If there is one fruit that evokes Corsica, it is the clementine. L'Épicurien sublimates this fruit in a jam very representative of the island of beauty, with a unique flavor and a lot of chewiness.

On toast, in nonnettes, a chocolate roll cake, a citrus charlotte, a dessert cream...


  • Cane sugar (EU and non-EU origin), Corsican clementine 48%, gelling agents: fruit pectin, concentrated lemon juice.
  • Energy: 954kJ / 225kcal; Fat: <0.5g, of which fatty acids: <0.1g; Carbohydrates: 55g, of which sugars: 55g; Protein: <0.5g; Salt: 0.03g

natural ingredients


Hérault (France)

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