Flaming banana

"You are preparing your survival kit on a desert island. You can only keep 3 items, what do you take with you?" This delicacy is one of L'Épicurien's essentials. Already, because banana jams are not common, and also because with this touch of rum, it has this delicious little taste that will appeal to shipwrecked people (as well as to lovers of pancakes and donuts in everyday life , Besides).

On pancakes, in filled donuts, spicy biscuits, dessert cream, on caramelized roasted pineapple...


  • Bananas 60% (non-EU origin), cane sugar, rum, concentrated butter (MILK), concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin, vanilla.
  • Energy: 1002kJ / 236kcal; Fat: 1.2g, of which fatty acids: 0.8g; Carbohydrates: 55g, of which sugars: 52g; Protein: 0.7g; Salt: <0.01g
  • Click here to see the recipe for L'Épicurien waffles

natural ingredients


Hérault (France)

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