Violet flowers (Provence)

Coming directly from the hinterland of Nice in February-March, our violets have very few kilometers in the petals. Arrived with us, they are in great shape, absolutely resplendent. Prepared without coloring by L'Épicurien, they delight us with their tangy and floral notes that blend wonderfully into pastries and cooking.

In a custard, a whipped cream, a tiramisu, scones, a cheesecake, a layer cake, a kir, on a panna cotta...


  • Cane sugar (EU and non-EU origin), water, violet flowers 1.5%, gelling agents (fruit pectin, calcium citrate), acidifier: citric acid, natural flavor.
  • Energy: 1041kJ / 245kcal; Fat: <0.5g, of which fatty acids: <0.1g; Carbohydrates: 61g, of which sugars: 61g; Protein: <0.5g; Salt: 0.04g
  • Click here to see the flower cheesecake recipe

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Hérault (France)

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