Green Olives Picholine

The Picholine olive is the most widespread olive variety in France. It is meaty and crunchy. Ours come from Languedoc, 60km from us. They are grown with respect for the environment on a land recognized for top taste. Bite and you'll see!

To taste as an aperitif or to incorporate into your dishes (salads, pasta, chicken or rabbit with olives, focaccia and focacia...)


  • Green Picholine olives 53%, water, salt, citric acid.
  • Energy: 729kJ / 177kcal; Fat: 17.6g, of which fatty acids: 2.68g; Carbohydrates: 1.0g, of which sugars: <0.4g; Protein: 1.3g; Salt: 3.30g
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Hérault (France)

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