Praline and White Chocolate

The White Chocolate Praliné treat combines Valrhona white chocolate with praline. A melting texture with pieces of toasted hazelnuts. A delicious and addictive flavor. Pay attention to the last spoon, you will need to have another pot in stock.

On old-fashioned macaroons, in the cream of a Paris-Brest, in the heart of a chocolate rock, at the bottom of a pear tart...


  • Valrhona white chocolate 30% (sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, skimmed MILK powder, emulsifier: lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), water, praline 26% (HAZELNUT paste, cane sugar), cane sugar , toasted chopped HAZELNUTS.
  • Energy: 1954kJ / 467kcal; Fats: 23g, including fatty acids: 14g; Carbohydrates: 60g, of which sugars: 56g; Protein: 4.2g; Salt: 0.09g
  • Click here to see the recipe "like a brownie"

natural ingredients


Hérault (France)

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