Red Pepper and Ricotta Pesto

It's creamy, it's delicious! The texture of the ricotta gives the "la" of this very mild pesto to enjoy in your tagliatelle dishes or as a stuffing for cannelloni or ravioli.

As an aperitif with savory shortbread. In pasta dishes, as a base for pizza, bruschetta, in a focaccia...


  • Red peppers 51% (EU origin), Ricotta 14% (MILK), onions, apples, white Pays d'Oc wine, red wine vinegar, sunflower oil, cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, starch, salt, acidifier: lactic acid, aromatic herbs, spices.
  • Energy: 607kJ / 145kcal; Fat: 8.4g, of which fatty acids: 2.3g; Carbohydrates: 13g, of which sugars: 11g; Protein: 3.9g; Salt: 2g
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natural ingredients


Hérault (France)

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