Puff pastry waffles with cheese and fruit confit

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes


For 6 puff pastry waffles:

Specific material:

  • A waffle iron


      Cut out 12 discs of dough using an inverted glass.

      Place a piece of cheese and a little confit in the center of 6 of them.

      Moisten the edges of the discs of dough and cover with a second, pressing well on the sides.

      Gild with egg yolk.

      Place in preheated waffle maker until waffles are well puffed.

      And brunch!

      Recommended combinations:

      • Camembert and Cider Confit with Apple and Calvados
      • Roquefort and White Wine Confit with Pear
      • maroilles and beer confit with spices

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