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Poulet Épicé au Chakalaka Sud-Africain

Découvrez notre tartinable artisanal CHAKALAKA SUD-AFRICAIN, une fusion épicée de légumes inspirée du plat traditionnel sud-africain.

Bruschetta gourmande

Focaccia chutney de Poivrons au Piment d’Espelette

Recipe Focaccia with Piperade and Chorizo

Ratatouille Cream Cake Recipe

Recipe Pizza with Artisanal Pesto Ricotta Peppers

Grilled Sea Bass Recipe with Asian Sauce and Marinade

Pulled Pork Tacos Recipe with Latino Sauce and Marinade

Recipe Burger with Onion Confit

Rustic apricot tart

Mini zucchini pizzas

Verrines of chia with yogurt and jam

Instant jam ice cream (with or without an ice cream maker)

Puff pastry rolls

Jam filled muffins

Quinoa salad with salmon and hummus

Tuna empanadas and sunny vegetables

Fruity cocktail (with or without alcohol)

Frosted cocktail with red fruits

Thin zucchini and feta tart

Vegetable wraps

Strawberry and jam roll

sun pie

Shortbread with jam

Nems with cheese and fruit confit

Chicken curry


Flower Cheesecake

Verrine of goat cheese with bacon and apricot

Tiramisu with jam

Melting heart cookies with spread

French toast with apricot jam

Sponge cake with a flowing center of jam (without egg, without butter)

like a brownie

Red fruit jam cake

Bundt cake with hazelnuts, topping with spread

Marbled spread

Lemon jam cake

Apple crumble and jam

Fresh and spreadable goat cheese samosas

Pear and Rose Petals Goat Cheese Toast

Puff pastry waffles with cheese and fruit confit

Fig and Walnut Cheese Toast

Risotto with pesto

Casserole of baked fish and vegetables

Duck breast and roasted heirloom vegetables with poppy flowers

Fresh and festive tagliatelle with black olive spread

Veal rolls with onion confit

Cocotte egg and spreadable bread rolls

Butternut velouté, espuma with porcini mushroom cream and white summer truffle

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